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How to View Homework Assignments


This year LR will be using Google Classroom!

Please be patient as our teachers create their digital classes. 

Teacher training is going on as we speak!


Once Google Classrooms have been created for every class,

your children will be given a class code to join.

To view teachers' homework assignments:

  • Log in to Google using your child's school email account.
  • Click the apps icon in the upper right corner.
  • Click Classroom.
  • Here you will see tiles for all of his/her classes.
    • Click on each tile to view that teacher's assignments.
    • Assignments will be listed under the Classwork tab.

***Note:  Student Gmail logins are as follows:

User name=Student Gmail address

(computer user name followed by our student Gmail extension). 

Ex. asmith@student.uniondaleschools.org.

Password=the same password they use to log on

to our computers PLUS their initials at the end

Ex. ab1234ba



From the Library


This year is going to be amazing! 
New books, new projects, new library website, and an enhanced Makerspace program! 
More than ever before, our students are involved in hands-on learning. 
The collaboration, the use of technology, and the creativity by our students has been nothing short of amazing.  I am so proud of our kids!
Check the new library website for pics and videos of our students working together in our library.