WHOLE Wellness Center

Welcome to LR's W.H.O.L.E. Wellness Center!

Wellness, Health, Outreach, Learning, & Engagement

Coordinators: Ms. Bethea & Ms. Crosswell

Room 206, ext. 1549

*Engagement Impact Video Corner*

The Engagement Impact  Video Corner is where we will post videos designed to encourage and inspire current Lawrence Road Middle School scholars from former Lawrence Road Middle School and Uniondale High School scholars.

One of our current 6th grade students, Laila Surpris, came up with the name for this venture. The idea grew out of the fact that scholars need connection to thrive. The connection comes through the bond of attending our school, growing up in our community, and having had some of the same teachers and educators.

The title “Engagement Impact” was the brainchild of scholar and student leader, Laila Surpris. Laila explained, “The people on the videos taking the time to engage in our current scholars will leave a lasting impact on our hearts, minds, and spirits.”

We are so very excited about this undertaking and we are hoping it grows to a level where we are able to continue it for years to come.